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After the introduction of the new handball rules, the Premier League has repeatedly disputed the handball points. Veteran Premier League player and BBC commentator Chris Sutton complained. Now as long as the forward kicks the defender's arm in the penalty area, he can get a penalty. The Premier League defender is punished for having arms.


Sutton said: "After seeing what happened to Tottenham defender Dale and Crystal Palace defender Ward last Sunday, the forwards are now thinking about how they can use this absurd rule to achieve their goals. Target the defender's arm. By kicking, you can win a penalty."


"Newcastle couldn't do anything with Tottenham, so he switched to Carol to fight for the header. He did so and aimed at Dale's arm. Dale has no eyes on the back of his head. It is impossible to know that the ball will hit his arm. However, the referee pointed to the penalty spot. Newcastle missed the goal in the entire game, and finally stole a point through the penalty kick. Tottenham’s score was stolen in this way. This new handball rule is being destroyed. Lost the Premier League. After teammate Ward was awarded a penalty for handball, Crystal Palace winger Townsend shouted: "The game TMD is over. "

“纽卡斯尔对热刺无能为力,所以他转投卡罗尔争夺头球。他这样做是为了瞄准戴尔的手臂。戴尔没有眼睛盯着他的后脑。不可能知道球会裁判指点点球,纽卡斯尔在整个比赛中都没射中球,最终在点球中偷了一点,托特纳姆热刺的得分就这样被偷了,这种新的手球规则正在被破LOL电竞下注坏。在队友沃德(Ward)被判手球罚款后,水晶宫边锋汤森LOL电竞下注(Townsend)大喊:“比赛TMD结束了。 ”

"We want the Premier League to be full of drama, but it's not this type of farce. The defenders dare to have arms. They are being punished for having arms."