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Live Bar, October 7th, according to Bloomberg News, the Premier League sued PP Sports, seeking compensation of 215.3 million US dollars, because it did not pay the broadcast costs in accordance with the contract.

据彭博社Live Bar 10月7日报道,英超公司起诉PP Sports,要求赔偿2.153亿美元,因为它没有按照合同支付转播费用。

In September of this year, PP Sports and the Premier League terminated their cooperation due to broadcast costs. At that time, the Premier League claimed that PP Sports had defaulted on broadcasting expenses of approximately 160 million pounds in the Premier League.

今年9月,PP Sports和英超联赛由于广播费用终止了合作。当时,英超联赛声称PP Sports拖欠了英超联赛约1.6亿英镑的广播费用llol比赛在哪里可以投注。

And PP Sports issued a statement saying: "The global epidemic has brought many challenges, which have become more prominent in copyright negotiations. After many rounds of talks,

PP Sports发表声明说:“全球流行病带来了许多挑战,这些挑战在版权谈判中变得更加突出。经过多轮谈判,

Kieran Maguire, a lecturer in football finance at the University of Liverpool, said the Premier League has no choice but to sue the Chinese company through legal channels. "If the Premier League does not take action, once the game is suspended due to the epidemic, other broadcast partners around the world will follow (PP Sports) and adopt similar payment methods."

利物浦大学足球金融讲师基兰·马奎尔(Kieran Maguire)表示,英超联赛别无选择,只能通过合法渠道起诉这家中国公司。 “如果英超联赛不采取任何行动,一旦由于流行病而暂停比赛,全球其他广播合作伙伴将效仿(PP Sports)并采用类似的付款方式。”

Kieran Maguire also said that the cancellation of this broadcast contract is a major blow to the Premier League. The single-season losses of each Premier League team reached 10 million US dollars.

基兰·马奎尔(Kieran Maguire)还表示,取消此转播合同对英超联赛是一个重大打击。英超每​​支球队的单季亏损达llol比赛在哪里可以投注到1000万美元。