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Tiger Fight, October 10 News In the fifth game of the NBA Finals that ended today, the Heat defeated the Lakers 111-108 and tied the big score to 2-3.

Tiger Fight,10月10日新闻在今天结束的NBA总决赛的第五场比赛中,热火队以111-108击败湖人,将比分追至2-3。

After the game, Lakers coach Frank Vogel was interviewed by reporters and talked about the two key penalties that were blown to Lakers players Anthony Davis and Markieff Morris at the end of the game.


"The score was so close at the time," Vogel said in the interview. "I feel that they were two very bad penalties. It made the Heat player Jimmy Butler go to the free throw line. You know what, this is for It is very unfortunate for such an important game. At that time, Davis took off very straight, it shouldn’t be a foul. Before that, Morris’s hand was completely on the ball. It should be a foul. These two whistles gave the opponent four free throw opportunities, which is very unfavorable to us. I am very disappointed about this, but the team is not affected and they will be fine."

沃格尔在接受采访时说:“当时的得分是如此接近。” “我认为这是两个非常糟糕的处罚。这使得热火球员吉米·巴特勒(Jimmy Butler)进入了罚球线。你知道这是什么,对于如此重要​​的比赛非常不幸。当时,戴维斯(Davis)起飞非常之前,莫里斯的手完全在球上,应该是犯规。这两个哨声给对手四个罚球机会,这对我们来说是非常不利的。我对此感到非常失望这样,但团队不会受到影响,他们会没事的。”

When talking about his views on the next game, Vogel said: "Yes, we will definitely rebound strongly, there is no doubt. We will have a better performance in the sixth game. We must Played better in 48 minutes and kept the lead all the way to the last minute."