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   A few days ago, the Shanxi Men’s Basketball Team won all two warm-up matches between Nanjing and Jiangsu Men’s Basketball Team. In the first game, Zhang Ning played 25 minutes and scored a game-high 25 points.


   In the game on September 24, Zhang Ning performed outstandingly. In the 25-point scoring, there were three-pointers from the outside and several fouls on the inside. He also scored several 2+1s. The defensive end Zhang Ning is also very active. Although there is indeed a disadvantage in speed, he has a very active defensive attitude and can rely on his body to limit the opponent, successfully steal and complete the score.

在9月24日的比赛中,张宁表现出色。在25分得分中,外线三分球,内线数次犯规。他还得分了2 + 1。防守端张宁也很活跃。尽管速度确实存在劣势,但他的防守态度非常积极,可以依靠自己的身体限制对手,成功抢断并完成得分。

   On September 25, the two sides had a second warm-up match, and Shanxi defeated Jiangsu Kendia again 95-91. Zhang Ning played for about 18 minutes in this game, without a point.


   Many fans worry that Zhang Ning is too slow to adapt to the rhythm of the CBA game. Shanxi coach Ding Wei said in an interview: "The new season will definitely arrange playing time for Zhang Ning, but I also hope that he will be mentally prepared and realize the cruelty of CBA."


   How could the Shanxi Men's Basketball Team pick Zhang Ning? It turned out that based on calculations before the draft, Zhang Ning would be selected in the first few places, and the Shanxi team's reserve plan was to select Li Rui from Shanxi University. However, because the first few teams all chose big men, and the Jiangsu team did not choose according to the plan that everyone expected, the Shanxi team had the opportunity to choose Zhang Ning. After quick exchanges between the front and the back, it was agreed that Zhang Ning still has the strength, and the Shanxi men's basketball team really needs a guard, so Zhang Ning joined the Shanxi men's basketball team.


   As for the king who was selected in the second round, he was crowned because he did not pass the medical examination and finally missed Shanxi.



  Shanxi men’s basketball official announced the “five tigers of the youth team” and expected them to be good successors