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In the past 27 years, the Reds are still working hard for the first Premier League championship trophy in their team history. This year is undoubtedly their breakthrough in history and the closest to the championship trophy. KOP has long been looking forward to the rematch. The good news is that the Premier League announced on its official website that it will restart the remaining matches on June 17. After the 29th round of the league, Liverpool used 82 points to establish its unshakable advantage. As long as they win 2 more games, the name of Liverpool will be printed on the championship trophy.

在过去的27年中,红军仍在努力争取球队历史上的首个英超联赛冠军奖杯。今年无疑是他们历史上的突破,也是最接近冠军奖杯的一年。 KOP长期以来一直期待着比赛。好消息是,英超联赛在其官方网站上宣布将于6月17日重新开始剩余的比赛。联赛29轮之后,利物浦以82分的优势确立了自己不可动摇的优势。只要他们再赢得2场比赛,利物浦的名字就会印在冠军奖杯上。

The first Bundesliga to start the war, Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga's Tianwangshan battle with Kimmich’s stunning lob. The Bundesliga giants who fell into a trough at the beginning of the season once again activated their Big Mac mode, although the 7-point advantage is not enough. To ensure the championship trophy, but the Bundesliga giant, who has regained vitality, is like an insurmountable mountain.


On June 11, this is the return date of La Liga. The championship battle between Barcelona and Real Madrid is about to continue, and the 2 points advantage is still not safe for Barcelona. After Zidane's return, Real Madrid is eager to regain the championship trophy that has been lost for two years, but I don't know if Grand São Belle is still attached to his golf clubs.


Mention La Liga does not ignore the hope of the whole village. After unfortunately contracting new coronary pneumonia, Wu Lei has fully recovered and resumed training. It's just that the Spaniards are not having a good life right now, and if they want to escape the relegation zone, they still need to smooth out at least 6 points of disadvantage. In the last 11 games, their opponents also included the La Liga duo. Can Wu Lei surprise us again, lead the team to relegation, and even become the one who decides the La Liga champion?


The competition in Serie A is equally fierce. They will reignite war on June 20. At present, Juventus and Lazio have the initiative to compete for the Serie A championship. After 26 rounds of the league, their points gap is only 1 point. Compared to Cristiano Ronaldo, Immobile's state is even hotter this season. He has scored 27 league goals. Cristiano Ronaldo ranks second with 6 goals behind him. In the competition between individuals and teams, Blue Eagle and the old woman are already eager to try.

意甲的竞争同样激烈。他们将在6月20日重新爆发战争。目前,尤文图LOL电竞下注斯和拉齐奥(Lazio)拥有争夺意甲冠军的主动权。经过26轮联赛,他们的积分差距只有1分。相较于克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo),本赛季伊莫莫尔的状态更热。他打进了27个联赛进球。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)排名第二,落后6个进球。在个人与团队之间的竞争中,蓝鹰和老妇人已经渴望尝试。

In addition to the early end of the Ligue 1 league, the four major leagues have announced their own league restart plans, championships, intercontinental qualifications, and top league qualifications. Our fans must have prepared themselves for staying up late, just waiting for the game to come. Up.

除了Ligue 1联赛的早期结束之外,四个主要联赛还宣布了自己的联赛重新开始计划,冠军,洲际资格赛和顶级联赛资格。我们的粉丝一定要为熬夜做准备,只等比赛来临。向上。

Although the restart of the four major leagues is exciting, the games will all be played in empty courts. After all, the epidemic has not completely passed, and the anti-epidemic has not yet ended.


In the K-League and Bundesliga that have been restarted before, the league/administrators are well prepared to fight the epidemic. Except for the empty field, handshake is not popular nowadays. It is changed to "foot-to-foot" or elbow bump. There are no crazy hugs or kisses after the players score. The broadcasters and staff have to be fully armed, and there are no diehards on the field. Shouted inspiringly.


In the past, when we were watching the game, we heard the deafening cheers of the fans. Now when we watch the game, it is the ups and downs of the players. Although the four major leagues have restarted, the effect of watching the game may be slightly discounted. .

过去,当我们观看比赛时,我们听到了球迷们震耳欲聋的欢呼声。现在,当我们观看比赛时,它是玩家的沉浮。尽管四个大联盟已经重新开始,但是观看比赛的效果可能会略有折扣。 。

In addition, since there is a competition, the training of each team must be guaranteed. The athletes are all energetic masters, gather for training, and those disobedient players accidentally infect the whole team. This matter The risk is quite large.


Take Italy, which has suffered the most from the epidemic, the restart of Serie A actually requires courage. Serie A therefore stipulates that if any of the team members test positive for the new crown virus, the entire team must be immediately quarantined for 14 days. We really hope that the Serie A players can bear the loneliness during this period.


In addition to fighting the epidemic, a large number of games in the short term may also put players at risk of injury. Take La Liga as an example. From the start of the battle on June 11 to the end of July 19, each team will play 11 league matches in less than 40 days, which is not a cup match. Although the average density of one game in 3 days has made fans enthusiastic, the players' physical fitness and injuries have become hidden dangers.


FIFA has temporarily revised the substitution rules in response to the intensive schedule (5 players per game, 3 changes are completed), but the real effect needs to be tested by the game. Judging from the Bundesliga situation, after the long league suspension period, the players' performance on the court has little effect, but once the season intensive period enters the season, the players’ fatigue and physical fitness will face the test, whether they can maintain high The quality of the game is still a question.


All in all, football is finally about to return, and the life of a football dog will be full of hope again. It seems that the days when I saw football, beer and crayfish beckon to us.


Of course, in addition to the four major leagues, fans are also very concerned about the restart of the Super League and the AFC Champions League. The Chinese Football Association has submitted an application to start the new season of the league, but there is still no clear voice on the specific start time and competition system. If it can be restarted at the end of July, the Chinese Super League will face the possibility of a significant reduction in the schedule.


In any case, the return of football has already made football dogs excited.