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Tiger Fight, October 20. Recently, Chelsea star Hasselbaink accepted an interview with Sky Sports. In the interview, he talked about his views on Chelsea. Haselbaink said Werner is a top striker. He also said that Chelsea's defense this season still has big problems, and he believes that Chelsea cannot compete for the Premier League title this season.

10月20日,老虎搏斗。最近,切尔西球星哈塞尔拜因克接受了《天空体育》的采访。在采访中,他谈到了自己对切尔西的看法。 Haselbaink说沃纳是一名顶尖射手。他还表示,切尔西本赛季的防守仍然存在很大问题,并且他认为切尔西无法在本赛季争夺英超冠军。

Hasselbaink mentioned: "I think Chelsea cannot compete for the Premier League title this season. They have conceded too many goals. I think Mount and Werner are the two outstanding players in the Chelsea team. I like it very much. they."


"But Chelsea's defense has always been a problem. If they can't improve the position of the central defender and goalkeeper, I think they will have more problems later."


"Alisson helped Liverpool score a lot of key points before, but Kepa was not able to do it, and I think Chelsea need to solve the problem of the goalkeeper position as soon as possible."


In an interview, Hasselbaink also praised Chelsea’s previous introduction of Werner. He said: “Werner is a great deal for Chelsea. He performed very well in the game. A defender who can pass the opponent, Werner is not the kind of forward who likes to have direct physical contact with the defensive player. Werner has a strong ability to read the game and he can pass the defender by running.


"I like to see Werner active in the middle. He is more inclined to take the defensive player to the left, and then he will run back to the middle, and I think Werner is indeed a top striker."


"When Werner is active on the left, his running space is very limited, and he needs more space to create opportunities. Of course, Werner is also a very comprehensive player."