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LOL电竞下注_杨戟:满意建业整场比赛表现 年轻球员在迅速成长

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   This afternoon, the 13th round of the Chinese Super League kicked off. Henan Jianye lost to Luneng 0-2 and suffered a six-game losing streak. After the match, Yang Ji, the head of the Henan Jianye coaching staff, said that he was satisfied with the game. There were no injuries. Young players have also grown rapidly. The offensive and defensive ends dared to organize and respond better than before.


In the first half of the game, Henan Jianye performed strongly and frequently played threatening offenses. Yang Ji believed that “the opening was relatively tight and the opponent was strong. We did a good job before conceding a goal, and we conceded two goals suddenly. Young players. Both the main players and the main players need to adapt. Small mistakes are normal. I hope everyone maintains a good attitude."


On September 27, the first stage of the Chinese Super League final match, Henan Jianye will face Shanghai Shenhua, considering the second stage of the game, Yang Ji revealed that foreign aid will be rotated: "For the last game, we have to consider the body of the foreign aid. Under the circumstances, Bassogo hopes to ensure the game time to keep in good shape. Kalanga has a strong desire to fight. He was injured before and can not let him take risks. Let him keep in shape through 40 minutes of the game. In the last game we We will communicate with the medical team and foreign aid before making a decision."