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In the Chinese Super League yesterday, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao drew 0-0 with Jiangsu Suning. "Guangzhou Daily" wrote an article that whoever can increase the variables of "Amazing Soldiers" in the second round of Evergrande and Jiangsu will have a bigger win.

昨天在中国超级联赛中,广州恒大淘宝与江苏苏宁以0-0战平。 《广州日报》撰文指出,凡是在恒大和江苏第二轮比赛中能够增加“惊人士兵”变数的人,llol比赛在哪里可以投注将获得更大的胜利。

"Guangzhou Daily" stated that Jiangsu has played anti-reverse tactics over the past 10 years, and Suning, who has been built for three years by Olaruoyu, is currently a team that can play a "hard battle". Last night, Suning's anti-counterfeiting tactics were not only mature and effective, but each player performed it quite thoroughly, even if he "puts the bus", he could not even shoot. However, Evergrande was obviously inadequate in breaking Suning's fierce fighting and tight defense. It was no use that Kashuai changed the entire forward line in the last 5 minutes.

《广州日报》表示,江苏在过去的十年中一直采取反扭转策略,而由奥拉罗尤(Olaruoyu)成立三年的苏宁目前是一支可以打“硬仗”的球队。昨晚,苏宁的防伪策略不仅成熟而有效,而且每个球员的表现都相当透彻,即使他“坐公共汽车”,他也无法射击。然而,恒LOL电竞下注大显然不足以打破苏宁的激烈战斗和严密的防御。 Kashuai在最近5分钟内改变了整个前锋线是没有用的。

The media said that in the second round, Evergrande will not only stick to the success of last night, but also make some positive changes. One is to continue to use offensive forces to suppress opponents, leaving Teixeira and Edel incapable of counterattack; the second is how to play the midfield card in the absence of Zheng Zhi; the third is to deal with the problem of the combination of striker trident. It is especially worth mentioning that Wei Shihao, his overall performance since his return from injury has been relatively mediocre, and his advantages in speed and breakthrough have not been reflected too much; and he has to control the old problems that are too emotional on the court.


"Guangzhou Daily" borrowed a sentence from "The Art of War by Sun Tzu": "All warriors must be together and win by surprise." For Evergrande and Suning, since the first round has established the main theme of "contradictory war", In the second round, whoever can increase the variables of the "Arabic Soldiers" will have a greater chance of winning.