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The NBA Finals ended yesterday. James led the Los Angeles Lakers to win the 17th championship in team history and also achieved the fourth championship in his career. At the same time, James also became the first player in NBA history to lead three different teams to the championship.

NBA总决赛昨天结束。詹姆斯(James)带领洛杉矶湖人队(Los Angeles Lakers)赢得了球队历史上的第17个冠军,并且是他职业生涯中的第四个冠军。同时,詹姆斯也成为NBA历史上第一位带领三支不同球队夺冠的球员。

Unsurprisingly, before the celebration champagne opened, the old topic of sesame seeds and rotten grains was "argued" by the media and fans again-James and Jordan, who is now the first person in basketball history. For a time, it was the tit-for-tat of all kinds of data, all kinds of heroic chapters come and go, and all kinds of illicit materials are thrown around.


The same thing appeared six months ago. At that time, Jordan's documentary "The Last Dance" was released. During that period of dust for many years, the story behind the last championship of Jordan and the Bulls attracted many fans to watch and discuss. There are old fans who have witnessed Jordan's accomplishment, and young fans who have never witnessed but are embarrassed. Therefore, the drama of Guan Gong and Qin Qiong was unsurprisingly staged again. Controversy slowly evolved into a war of words, a documentary that pays tribute to the legend and appreciates the hardship and gloom behind the greatness, leading the direction of public opinion to the mutual attack of two fan groups.


To be honest, if the author had to give an answer, the answer would be: "Qiao Gangzhu". The reason for this has not changed over the years: Jordan's greatness is not the two or three consecutive championships and the creation of various magical goals, but that he has spread the true meaning of the NBA to the world. The author even thinks that if there is no Jordan, James may not be so popular with fans all over the world as he is now, it is also possible that he will not stand on this stage at all. Of course, with James' talent, if there is this if, it may be a disguised achievement of another project "New King" was born.


Although the author "has my heart", I know that behind this seemingly rational and objective reason, there are still full of memories and feelings. From understanding basketball to loving basketball when I was young, it was all because of the "NBA" starring Jordan. Blockbuster".

尽管作者“有我的心”,但我知道在这个看似理性和客观的原因背后,仍然充满着回忆和感情。从了解篮球到年轻时热爱篮球,这全都归功于乔丹主演的“ NBA”。重磅炸弹”。

From this, I also understand the "Zhan fans" better. It is especially clear that whether James or Jordan, they are the best players in their respective eras, creating two completely different basketball eras. They have added their own style to basketball in different eras, and brought youth and passionate years to the two generations that can never be replaced.


Recall that in July last year, an event "Jay Chou and Cai Xukun's fans hit the list" became a hot search. Jay Chou's "Sunset Red" fan team played against Cai Xukun's data fans, and staged a "Kunlun Show" on Weibo. The comments made by the People’s Daily at that time expressed the author’s aspirations:


"The rivalry between the two artists' respective fans, although it is an entertainment'game,' it reflects the signs of the times. This is not an intergenerational conflict, let alone a break in values, but a joint tribute to find the sustenance in their hearts. There is an idol of an era, a group has a group yearning, aligning with the good and consolidating the aesthetic coordinates, the years will not be able to take away our homesickness and persistence."


A colleague who is also a "post-80s" journalist also feels the same: At the beginning, my parents often said to us, "What's so nice about Jay Chou, it's Teng Lijun, melodious and tactful!" Now the "post-00s" who chased Cai Xukun looked at us.

一位也是“ 80年代后”记者的同事也有同样的感觉:一开始,我的父母经常对我们说:“周杰伦真是太好了,是滕立军,悠扬动听!”现在,追赶蔡徐坤的“ 00后”看着我们。

Think about the popular “little flowers” ​​Di Lieba, Yang Mi, and Zhao Liying. How can their massive supporters fully understand the feelings of their parents admiring Lin Qingxia, Maggie Cheung, and Wang Zuxian.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not comparing the NBA with the entertainment industry, let alone comparing Jordan to Jay Chou and James to Cai Xukun. Rather, I want to say: an era has its symbol, and an era has its idol. No matter how things change, the newcomer wins over the old, this rule will not change.


As a "post-95" fan said after the Lakers won yesterday, "I haven't seen Jordan play again, but I grew up watching LeBron play!"

正如“ 95后”球迷在湖人昨天获胜后所说的那样:“我再也没有见过乔丹了,但我长大了看着勒布朗上场!”

You miss you, I chase mine. Why use your youth to demean my youth, no matter how reasonable you are, it is not reasonable.